• Why consider Seeding Growth as the best alternative to hiring a traditional consulting company?
    The traditional consulting services can provide a lot of value. However, it is our experience that when an outsider is hired to develop a solution, the company often experiences difficulty carrying out the proposed solution. In Seeding Growth, the solution is developed step-by-step by all workshop participants, and this undoubtedly makes it easier for the company to implement.
  • Why hire Seeding Growth for training services rather than the usual provider?
    Our services can be complementary to other training services. Traditional training is based on the teaching of specific knowledge or on the development of certain skills. Experience tells us that this approach makes the integration of learning and its implementation more difficult. In Seeding Growth we facilitate the thinking process, supported by specific knowledge, to help our clients build their own solution by transforming what they already know. Thus the content generated by the group is directly linked to the reality of the company.
  • What does Seeding Growth offer that we could not achieve on our own?
    Individuals and organizations are accustomed to thinking and acting in a predetermined manner. They need outside professionals to help them step out of their usual framework and reorganize their knowledge to generate new solutions. In Seeding Growth, we utilize thinking methodologies which we combine with specific knowledge, that help the client to see things differently. Many studies have shown that this process is much more effective when it is led by professional facilitators.
  • What type of business are Seeding Growth workshops designed for?
    Any business that wants to reframe its knowledge base and wants to generate business growth solutions.
    And for any business that needs to create new solutions because the old ones no longer work.
  • What happens at a Seeding Growth workshop?
    We offer half-day, one-day and two-day workshops, although most tend to be one-day. We start the workshop at 9:00 A.M. with a break for lunch and coffee breaks. The workshop has an ascending pace. We begin with an introduction and warm-up exercises and we then move into specific dynamics developed for each area of knowledge.
  • Where does Seeding Growth suggest workshops take place?
    To learn one must first unlearn, and for this it is best to leave the usual environment; this also ensures that daily work routines do not disrupt the learning process. We, therefore, recommend doing workshops in spaces outside the organization.
  • What company personnel should participate in the workshops?
    This depends on the content of the workshop. Normally the content of the workshops in each area is aimed at professionals from the relevant department, but it is often useful to introduce people from other departments. Working with cross-functional teams is also particularly important in the area of Strategy.
  • What if the people in my company refuse to cooperate?
    Our professional duties involve emotionally engaging each participant in the learning process that takes place in the workshop. Our experience as coaches and facilitators enables us to lead the group and its members in different situations. If prior doubts exist, this will be detected in the pre-work phase and we will propose appropriate solutions. One of the solutions that Seeding Growth can offer in the area of Collaboration is the Cooplexity Model, a cooperation model for complexity situations worked through a simulation game.
  • Is the order in which the workshops are conducted important?
    Within each area, we have developed a logical and comprehensive process that acts as a roadmap, and wherein each of the steps is related to and supported by the others. However, our system is flexible and the workshops can be taken individually, provided the client has the base knowledge for the work that will be done in each workshop.
  • What happens after the workshop?
    Our work is not solely limited to facilitating a workshop. Before each Seeding Growth workshop, we conduct pre-work with the client in order to attune the content to the needs of the company. And after each workshop we provide an assessment of the contributions and a report with the main outputs. All this serves to support the client in the process of integrating new solutions and obtaining tangible results.