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  • “From the session we did with Seeding Growth I want to highlight the part where we worked in turning problems into opportunities by formulating them as challenges. Then we found ideas and solutions that provided the answer to the latter”
  • “The work session we did, Overcoming brakes and Ideation, was very positive and was developed within the parameters that we had designed together with Seeding Growth. I specially highlight the dynamics in reflecting about working through obstacles, possible solutions and public exposure as conclusions. Also the fact that promoting movement and group dynamics were surprise elements and reduced distractions generated in the sessions with one-way communication”
  • “I emphasize that the workshop dynamics and organization have seemed to me very appropriate. It has been very active and participative. Thank You! “


TICSCWe are trainers in CPS-Creative Problem Solving, a problem solving methodology that we use in our various workshops. The CPS model we follow, and in which we are certified, is taught at the International Center of Studies in Creativity (Buffalo, NY), cradle of this methodology and one of the oldest academic centers devoted to studies in creative thinking.
UNIPOLICATWe are part of the teaching staff of the Executive MBI-Master Business Innovation taught from the Tech Talent Center UPC that provide professionals with instruments to manage company growth based on innovation and entrepreneurship.
ESICWe are part of the teaching staff of graduate programs and Executive Education teaching content related to Marketing, Communication and Creativity and Innovation. Some of the programs in which we participate are the Master in Marketing and Sales Management or Master in Communication and Advertising Management.